Monday, January 27, 2014

JSX - experimental support for NPM

Based on @shibukawa-sans work, I have added experimental support for NPM-based packages in JSX 0.9.75. It is now possible to publish libraries for JSX using NPM (or use such packages from JSX).

A tiny example would be the following:

  "dependencies": {
    "nodejs.jsx": "~ 0.1.1"

import "nodejs.jsx/*.jsx";

class _Main {
  static function main(args : string[]) : void {
    fs.appendFileSync("/dev/fd/1", "hello npm!\n");

Running npm install would install nodejs.jsx (JSX binding for node.js) which is specified as a dependency in package.json. And when the compiler is executed (e.g. jsx hello-npm.jsx) it would automatically search for the imported files and use them in the node_modules directory.

For the time being, file specified in the main section of package.json is used if the name of a module is an argument to the import statement (e.g. import "npm-module-name"). Or the directory designated by the dependencies/lib section is searched if a file within an npm module is specified (e.g. import "npm-module-name/filename").

If you have any comments / suggestions please file a issue at the GitHub issues page.


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