Wednesday, September 30, 2015

H2O version 1.5.0 released

Today, I am happy to announce the release of H2O version 1.5.0.

Notable improvements from 1.4 series are as follows:

On-the-fly gzip support

This was a feature requested by many people, and I would like to thank Justin Zhu for doing the hard work!

mruby-based scripting

Server-side scripting using mruby is now considered production level.
And now that the our API is base on Rack, it would be easy for Ruby programmers to use / learn, thanks to its excellent design and documentation.

For this part, my thank you goes to Ryosuke Matsumoto, Masayoshi Takahashi, Masaki TAGAWA.

cache-aware server push

Server-push is an important aspect of HTTP/2, however it has generally believed to be hard to use, since web application do not have the knowledge of what has already been cached on the client-side.

With the help of Ilya Grigorik and the Japanese HTTP/2 community, we have essentially solved the issue by introducing cache-aware server push; the server is now capable of tracking the what the web browser has in its cache, and determine whether or not a resource should be pushed!

We plan to improve the feature in the upcoming releases so that the Web can be even faster!

isolation of private keys

H2O now implements privilege isolation for handling RSA private key operations so that SSL private keys would not leak in case of vulnerabilities such as Heartbleed.

In the upcoming days I will post several blogposts explaining the notable changes. Stay tuned.


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