Thursday, March 17, 2016

File-level mapping introduced in H2O version 2.0

As the developer of H2O, the lack of ability to define a mapping for a specific path (not a directory) has been one of the complaints I hear the most. Finally, we have a fix for the issue, and that is why the next release will be given the number 2.0.

Starting from H2O version 2.0.0beta-1, it is possible to write a configuration like the following. The example maps all requests to a FastCGI server, with the exception of /robots.txt and /favicon.ico being served statically.
      port: /tmp/fcgi.sock
      type: unix
    file.file: /path/to/robots.txt
    file.file: /path/to/favicon.png
Pretty straight forward, isn't it?

For details, please refer to the updated documentation of paths directive, or refer to the discussion in the pull request.


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